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What are Current Mortgage Rates?

With the state of the economy and the housing market in early 2012 the current mortgage rates are more

What is a Churchill Mortgage?

Churchill Mortgage Corporation is a large residential mortgage loan company that offers a variety of different types of mortgage loans, in addition to refinancing options.. more

How to Use a Bank Rate Mortgage Calculator

A bank rate mortgage calculator can help you determine what monthly mortgage payments you can expect to pay by taking some information that more

How to Make a Mortgage Comparison to Save Big

Just like any other purchase you make, it pays to shop around for the best mortgage rates. Mortgage comparison involves examining more

How to Choose the Best Mortgage Company

Whenever you are shopping around for a mortgage company, or lender it is important that you are getting the best rates, as well as more

How to Calculate Mortgage Interest and Payments

If you are looking to buy a home, or refinance your existing mortgage, you may be curious about how to calculate mortgage interest and payments. This type of calculator more