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What are Current Mortgage Rates?

With the state of the economy and the housing market in early 2012 the current mortgage rates are more

What are Current Refinance Rates?

The current refinance rates are very similar to the current mortgage rates. Whenever you refinance your home you are actually more

What Does Cash Out Refinance Mean?

Cash out refinance literally means that you are taking cash out of the equity of your home to pay off other debts, make new purchases, Read the full article…

What is a Churchill Mortgage?

Churchill Mortgage Corporation is a large residential mortgage loan company that offers a variety of different types of mortgage loans, in addition to refinancing options.. more

What is a Short Refinance?

Short refinance is designed to help struggling homeowners and their lenders by reducing the loan balance left on a mortgage during a refinance. It can help homeowners avoid foreclosure more

Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

Refinancing is an option for people who haven’t been paying on their mortgage loans very long. You have to look at several different factors more